What You Need To Know About Narcissists

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Global Advocates

For Survivors of Narcissistic Abuse

A Cinderella Story, Part One

This is the story of an American girl named Cinderella and the Handsome Prince who taught her what true love is all about. Read More "A Cinderella Story, Part One"

A Cinderella Story, Part Two

A Message From Cinderella To The Handsome Prince When our magical day finally arrives, And at long last the wait is over . . .... Read More "A Cinderella Story, Part Two"

A Positive Approach To Being Discarded

What Are The Advantages Of Being Discarded By A Narcissist? 1. You get to decide whether you want to watch TV or not. And watch... Read More "A Positive Approach To Being Discarded"

Being The Child Of An INFJ

If you ask my son what it’s like to be the child of an INFJ, he won’t mince words. According to him, it’s weird. Because... Read More "Being The Child Of An INFJ"

Narcissistic Relationships Begin With Brainwashing

Quora Answers: My Narc Ex Told Me I Was His Soulmate. Now He’s Gone Back To His Ex. Is He Telling Her The Same Thing?... Read More "Narcissistic Relationships Begin With Brainwashing"

The Indelible Mark Of A Victim

The Indelible Mark That Screams Victim When I began my journey to healing, I wore the indelible mark of a former victim of Narcissistic Abuse.... Read More "The Indelible Mark Of A Victim"

Coping After Narcissistic Abuse

#InfluenceForGood How Do You Deal With Your Anger And Rage At Your Narcissist Ex For All The Destruction And Heartache He Caused? With as many... Read More "Coping After Narcissistic Abuse"

The Path To Greatness Doesn’t Always Lead To Happiness

A man and his wife were lost in the forest when they came upon a clearing. Before them was three different paths. Neither was sure... Read More "The Path To Greatness Doesn’t Always Lead To Happiness"