20 Ugly Reasons I Cheated On My Narcissist Husband
20 Ugly Reasons I Cheated On My Narcissist Husband

20 Ugly Reasons I Cheated On My Narcissist Husband

Before I get into the reasons why I cheated on my Narcissist ex-husband, let me say that I think cheating is wrong. Marriage vows should be honored, and infidelity shouldn’t even be a consideration. Although I’m divorced, I still believe the institution of marriage is sacred, and that it’s not right to be unfaithful.

So, why did I cheat on my Narcissist husband?

I did it for revenge. For spite.

I did it for payback. For all the shit he did to me.

While I’m not proud of it, I’m not exactly ashamed of it, either.
Justified or not, he gave me more than enough reasons to want payback.

One morning, in under 60 seconds, he gave me the following ten reasons.

1. He poured his Coke all over me.

2. He poured my Coke all over me. Like one wasn’t enough?

3. He Spit In My Face.

4. Twice.

5. He knocked me flat on my ass, yanked me up by my hair, and dragged me through the house, pulling out handfuls of hair along the way.

6. He threw in a few blows to my head with his fist, for good measure.

7. He did all of this in full view of our autistic son, who was nine years old at the time.

8. He picked me up and threw me down the steps.

9. I landed hard on the bottom deck. The impact broke my neck in three places.

10. He left me there, unable to move, and sneered. “What are you going to do now, bitch?” Then he went back inside and locked the door.

I waited nine agonizing months for a qualified neurosurgeon to perform the surgery. I needed a complicated procedure that was relatively new. It was also risky and expensive, but definitely necessary.

I was basically paralyzed, as far as movement. Though I still had the ability to move, I didn’t have the ability to stand the pain when I moved.

He never acknowledged any fault, whatsoever, for what he did to me. Plus, the sadistic bastard enjoyed kicking me when I was down, and became even more abusive.

During that time, I built up some major anger and resentment.

A couple of months after the surgery, an old high school flame contacted me on Facebook. He was divorced, and lived in Atlanta, not far from my sister’s house.

And not far from where my nephew’s wedding was being held the next month.

A Plan For Revenge

Ric and I started talking every day. I told him about the things I’d been through, courtesy of my loving husband. I mentioned that I’d be in Atlanta for my nephew’s wedding, and we made plans to get together.

For the first fifteen years of marriage, I was faithful. Despite my husband becoming a monster, I didn’t cheat on him. Never even considered it.

The last three years with him were the worst of my life. Every day was agony, and I no longer loved him. As a matter of fact, I despised him with the intensity borne of a murderous rage. I wanted to make him suffer for all his ungodly acts of cruelty.

I’m not usually a vindictive person. However, I made an exception for the Malignant Narcissist. Obviously, I couldn’t kill him, and I couldn’t really hurt him physically. But I knew it would burn his ass up if I cheated on him. So I did.

Why I Cheated On My Narcissist Husband

10 More Reasons

  1. For all the Beatings.
  2. For The cheating, lying, and triangulation.
  3. For the gaslighting and crazy-making.
  4. For destroying My house and wrecking my cars.
  5. For calling me a stupid whore in front of my kids.
  6. For breaking my neck And cracking my skull.
  7. For abusing Me, my kids, And my Animals.
  8. For killing my dog.
  9. For shoving my head into a toilet full of shit. On my birthday.
  10. For Trying To Kill Me Three Times. Because Once Just Wasn’t Enough.

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