A Cinderella Story

Part I

Once upon a time, in a land far away, there lived a Handsome Prince. One day on Instagram, The Handsome Prince came upon a picture of a girl named Cinderella.
It was a picture beside one of himself.

The prince was intrigued.

He began reading Cinderella’s social media posts. He liked that she was funny, and that she made him laugh.

The Handsome Prince decided he wanted to meet Cinderella. But he didn’t want her to know that he was the Future King. He wanted her to like him for who he was on the inside, and not for his wealth and royalty.

The Handsome Prince made arrangements to meet Cinderella, but didn’t disclose his true identity. Upon meeting, Cinderella and the prince laughed easily together.

They became very good friends, and just as he’d hoped, she liked him for who he was on the inside.

She knew nothing about his wealth or title. Cinderella cared about him because he was a good person. She liked that he was kind, intelligent, and because they shared a common bond.

Both had a twisted sense of humor and a love for laughter.

Cinderella and the Handsome Prince became even better friends. He decided it was time to tell her the truth.

But the Handsome Prince had a problem. He didn’t want Cinderella to be mad at him for not telling her before.

He was worried that she would stop trusting him. So he decided to slowly reveal his true identity.

The Handsome Prince began to leave clues for Cinderella. He gave her several hints.

And he waited.

Pretty soon, Cinderella got it.

“Happy Birthday To Someone Whose Sense Of Humor Is Just As Twisted As Mine!! 😂😂

I Finally Got It!! 😂😂 You Can Come Get Me Now!! 👑👸🏻❤️❤️

Finally, she knew the truth, and The Handsome Prince no longer had to hide his true identity.

👑 “Since I Do Know Who You Are . . . . 👑

I Think I’ll Just Give You 1,000 Lashes . . . . But I Won’t Say With What!!” 😂😂😂

Cinderella and The Handsome Prince continued to be very good friends. Because of his Royal Duties, the Prince had long since returned to his Kingdom.

Even from a great distance, Cinderella still made the prince laugh. They both knew that they would see each other again.

Patience was in order. Good things come to those who wait.

Knowing My Luck, It’s Probably Some Kind Of Desert Turtle That Can’t Even Swim!!

I Was Right!! My Prince Isn’t On A White Horse. He Was Riding A Turtle.

The Problem Is That Now He’s Lost His Turtle.

Better Start Swimming, My Love!!

Back in his Kingdom, the Handsome Prince faced many obstacles.

His enemies said terrible things about him. Even worse, they accused him of doing horrible things.

Cinderella didn’t believe the lies, of course. She knew the prince had enemies very near to him.

Enemies within his own family who wanted to take his place.

Enemies who wanted to make him look evil and corrupt.

Enemies with the power to do horrible things.

And be assured that the Handsome Prince would be blamed.

To Be Continued . . . .

#serenaprince375 #saudiprince #bestpartner4ever❤️

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