Quora Answers: Marriage To A Narcissist

What Makes A Narcissist Decide Who To Marry But Still Cheats On The Same Recycled Supply?

Whoever a narcissist can benefit from the most on a long-term basis is the one he’ll choose to marry.

Whether it’s financial gain, social status, or any number of monetary assets, the narcissist’s intent is to make it his own.

Marriage simply makes it easier for him to attain.

I can assure you with almost 100% certainty that he’ll cheat on his spouse too.

Marriage won’t make him change his sex partners. Or his deviant sexual behavior.

At the beginning of the marriage, he’ll go to great lengths to convince his new wife of his fidelity. And she’ll believe it too.

She’ll think he’s completely devoted to her and their marriage.

But the whole time he’s continuing to see old flames, and actively searching for new ones to add to his harem.

The narcissist does not love his wife. Nor does he love any of his recycled supplies.

They all basically serve the same purpose: to provide narcissistic supply.

The difference in each source is what else they can offer the narcissist.

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