Quora Answers: Narcissistic Abuse Defined

How Is Narcissistic Abuse Different From Other Emotional And Mental Abuse?

I’m basing this answer purely from my own perspective and experiences.

Narcissistic abuse is emotional and mental abuse, but it doesn’t stop there.

It also can include physical, verbal, sexual, mental, and financial abuse, to name a few.

What makes it different is the sabotage factor.

Narcissists intentionally set their victims up for a fall because they enjoy watching them crash.

They plot and scheme to cause chaos in the lives of the people who love them most.

Narcissists deliberately try to drive their victims crazy.

Their ultimate goal is to destroy the sanity, peace, confidence, self-respect, and happiness of those they abuse.

They ruin reputations, careers, friendships, and entire lives.

And they enjoy every minute of it.

The covert tactics used for sabotage are extremely hard to prove.

Normal people can’t comprehend the insanity of deliberately building someone up just to tear them back down.

But that’s exactly what a narcissist does.

Narcissistic abuse is a combination of mental anguish, emotional torture, and physical pain.

On steroids.

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