A Cinderella Story, Part Two
A Cinderella Story, Part Two

A Cinderella Story, Part Two

A Message From Cinderella To The Handsome Prince

When our magical day finally arrives,

And at long last the wait is over . . . .

We’ll begin the next leg of our journey.

I’ll be your queen. You will be my king.

The long delay to be reunited,

The painful sacrifices, the gut-wrenching distance will be no more.

You’ll take my hand in marriage and kiss your bride.

Then guide me gently into your world.

P. S. The key word here is “gently.” Remember, I’m clumsy. I can’t walk very well in glass slippers. And I really don’t want to fall flat on my ass with the whole world watching.

This is part two of a story about an American girl named Cinderella and the Handsome Prince who taught her what true love is all about.

Mohammad bin Salman-
“The Handsome Prince”

After returning to his Kingdom, the Handsome Prince continued to face many obstacles. It seemed that every day brought a new accusation of some kind of despicable act he’d supposedly done.

The bright spot in his life was Cinderella. Their friendship had grown into a deep love that surpassed anything either of them had ever known.

Though they had not yet disclosed their relationship to the world, some palace insiders were aware of it. And they did not have his best interests at heart.

They were, in fact, the worst of his enemies because they claimed to be loyal. In public, they had sworn allegiance to the prince. Privately, however, they planned to destroy him.

The prince knew how ruthless his enemies could be. They had even tried to turn Cinderella against him. Using many underhanded tactics, there had been several attempts to get her to betray him.

But she didn’t. Cinderella’s loyalty never wavered. As a result, their bond grew even stronger.

Serena Prince- “Cinderella”

The media’s negative portrayal of the prince as a ruthless, power-hungry dictator was baffling to Cinderella. The man she knew was nothing like that.

She wasn’t naive, and knew from past experiences that sometimes people were not who they appeared to be. For those reasons, there had been times when she wondered if she could be wrong about the prince.

She found herself testing him, looking diligently for signs of deception or manipulation. She questioned her own value, wondering what a man of royalty, a Crown Prince, wanted with her.

Cinderella subjected him to countless interrogations. She challenged his motives and integrity. After reading controversial articles in the press, she demanded explanations from him.

On a few occasions, she intentionally insulted his royalty. Cinderella was terrified of getting hurt again. If the prince had any chinks in his armor, she was determined to find them.

Yet, no matter how hard she tried, she simply could not find what wasn’t there.

History In The Making

The Handsome Prince had patiently answered every inquiry, not letting Cinderella know how much her doubts hurt him. He knew she was trying to protect herself, and he didn’t blame her for being vigilant. 

The Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia

Still, it was tiresome to keep defending himself against the lies and rumors. He had learned to ignore the negative publicity. 

But he couldn’t ignore Cinderella. He wouldn’t ignore her. He loved her too much.

When the media started demonizing the prince, the public’s perception began to change.
He was terribly distressed by this turn of events.

He was called a murderer and compared to Hitler. The media attacked him relentlessly, and even worse, convinced many people that the accusations were facts.

He finally realized that he simply couldn’t read the propaganda anymore. Not if he wanted to have any peace of mind. His only comfort was Cinderella’s faith in him. 

True enough, there had been a few rough spots in their relationship. There were times he felt she would never understand that much of what was written about him was fake news.

Cinderella was a writer too, and a very honest one, at that. It wasn’t easy for her to grasp how many people in the media fabricated stories.

One day, she read that he was married and went ballistic. There were even reports that he had many wives, which really drove Cinderella mad. He finally convinced her that she would be his only wife, although it hadn’t been easy.

One thing about his feisty little American, she was stubborn. And she was definitely not afraid to speak her mind.

They could laugh about it now, but it wasn’t the least bit funny at the time. Thankfully, they had gotten past the hard times and were closer than ever.

They’d both maintained their sense of humor and kidded each other relentlessly. One day on the phone, Cinderella began laughing hysterically. It was instantly infectious, and the prince joined in. A full five minutes later, they were still laughing.

The prince couldn’t wait for them to be together again. Cinderella was coming to his kingdom as soon as possible. When she arrived, they would begin planning their wedding. 

Meanwhile, in America, Cinderella had been busy. She was a passionate Advocate for Victims of Narcissistic Abuse, and had written a book about her own experiences. She dedicated it to the prince.

She no longer had any doubts about the prince, and sometimes felt like the only person in the world who knew of his goodness. He wanted to make his kingdom a better place, not more repressive.

Cinderella had reached her own conclusions about the inner workings of the kingdom. Until he became king, the prince was basically a scapegoat. 

It may have been a monarchy, but his homeland was under the control of a government that didn’t want to change. And the prince was planning to make lots of changes. 

He hated repression. He believed everyone should be free to make their own decisions. He envisioned a better life for his people, without government control. 

His powerful enemies were willing to do anything to stop the prince before he became king. Since they controlled the media, they decided to use it to their advantage.

First on the agenda: Set the prince up for murder.

To Be Continued . . . .

English Translation:

“When I found you, I found an all new universe in your arms. I found my perfect partner in you. I found love, affection, and protection in you.

I found possessiveness, madness, passion and insanity in your love. I found recognition respect and forgiveness. I found life, reason, and depth.

I found my reason to smile. I found the reason behind my existence. I found my reason to wake up every morning. I found new dimensions about my life.

I found a treasure of love buried under my own bones. Finally, as if that wasn’t enough, I found myself in you, too.”
Aarti Khurana

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