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New Study Says Narcissists Choose Not To Have Empathy

Narcissists May Have the Ability to Learn Empathy, but Not the Desire. One of the main factors in determining if someone has narcissistic personality disorder (NPD) is a lack of empathy. Researchers say narcissists don’t necessarily have an inability to be empathetic, but an unwillingness. Unless, of course, they think they’ll gain something from it….

The Crazy Chicks Exclusive Fashion Collection Is Here

Women Who Suffered from Narcissistic Abuse Belong to A Sisterhood of Survivors. When you’re in a relationship with a narcissist, the word crazy comes up a lot. Usually, it’s because the narcissist is accusing you of being crazy, or complaining about their crazy ex. Sometimes, it’s because you’re asking yourself who’s the craziest, you or…

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Why Narcissists Discard You but Call to Profess Their Love

After narcissists discard a victim, they frequently return, professing their love. It’s called hoovering, and it’s all about control. They want to suck you back into the cycle of abuse and prove they still have power over you. Most people don’t know their partner is a narcissist the first time they’re discarded. They know something…


Find Inspiration in the New Book by Serena Prince

They Said It Best Powerful Quotes to Lift Your Spirits, Jumpstart Your Brain, Motivate, Entertain, and Comfort You When You Cry Have You Ever Needed Advice, But Didn’t Know Who to Ask? What If You Could Go Back in Time and Seek Guidance from Einstein or Plato? How About Getting a Pep Talk from Dale…

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I Know How Murder Victims Feel Before They Die

I can still hear the excitement in my husband’s voice, telling me his plans. He held up a huge machete, and looked at it lovingly. Turns out, he hand-crafted it just for me. Or more specifically, for my death. I was on the floor, hands tied behind my back, dazed from a blow to the…