Can You Have A Healthy Relationship With A Narcissist?

Can You Have A Healthy Relationship With A Narcissist?

The only possibility of having a healthy relationship with a narcissist is if the narcissist is self-aware, and is undergoing long-term intensive therapy.

This is a very rare occurrence since most people with Narcissistic Personality Disorder don’t believe there’s anything wrong with them.

One of the harshest truths someone in a relationship with a narcissist has to face is that their partner will never change. The toxic hope I held onto for so long in my own marriage to a Malignant Narcissist almost got me killed.

I refused to believe that the man I had devoted my life to enjoyed the pain and misery he heaped on me.

I made every excuse in the world for his behavior. He had Anger Management problems. He was abused as a child. He had abandonment issues. I acted like a bitch or was deficient in some way. If I could just do this or that, he would stop abusing me.

By making excuses for him, I was unwittingly giving him permission to continue to torment me. The loyalty I gave him was undeserved, and definitely not reciprocated.

Yet for years, I held onto the hope that something miraculous would happen and he would suddenly become a decent human being.

Once I began educating myself about Narcissistic Personality Disorder, Antisocial Personality Disorder, and Narcissistic Abuse, I was forced to face reality. There was nothing I could ever say or do to make the relationship healthy.

My husband was a Narcissist, and he had absolutely no desire to change.

As painful as it was to accept that I had been fighting a losing battle the entire time, it was the best decision I ever made.

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