Narcissists And Parental Alienation

Quora Answers: Why Do Narcissists Introduce Your Children To Their New Pursuits So Quickly? What Is The Motivation For Them Behind This? Narcissists are always motivated to create drama and chaos with the intention of causing you as much misery as possible. How better to do it than through your children? Ultimately, they want to subject you to the misery of parental alienation. They may tell the kids you don’t love them anymore or that you wish they had never been born. They’ll tell despicable lies as examples of your bad behavior. They’ll encourage resentment, doubts, and negative thinking in … Continue reading Narcissists And Parental Alienation

What’s It Like For An INFJ In A Long-Term Narcissistic Relationship?

It’s an emotional torture chamber that gradually destroys your spirit, erodes your confidence, and undermines all hope of escaping. In order to survive, you begin playing a mental chess game against the Narcissist who’s holding you captive. The odds seem stacked against you. After all, you’re a Novice and he’s the Chess Master. For a long time, he amuses himself by playing a cat-and-mouse game with you. His confidence soars every time he watches you cower in defeat. But you’re an INFJ. So you watch him, and you learn to play his evil game. It’s not what you want to … Continue reading What’s It Like For An INFJ In A Long-Term Narcissistic Relationship?

Money: A Narcissist’s True Love

Quora Answers: Did you find that your narcissistic ex was a hoarder of money? Did you feel like it could never be enough money for them? Oh yeah, my Malignant Narcissist ex-husband definitely was a hoarder of money. He stashed his own money, along with as much of mine as he could pilfer. And no, it was never enough. He so loved money that he was willing to kill me over it. In an eerily calm voice, he told me as much one morning. For two of the previous weeks, he’d been demanding almost $20,000 from me. That particular day … Continue reading Money: A Narcissist’s True Love

Quora Answers: The Malicious Narcissist

What Are Some Of The Most Calculated, Malicious Set-Ups You Endured While With A Narcissist? There are two especially diabolical set ups that stand out for me. One was intended to kill me. The other was meant to put me in prison for solicitation of capital murder. Both were terrifying. I know now that my ex-husband is a Malignant Narcissist, who was very skilled at gaslighting and mind-fuckery. Toward the end of our marriage, I just thought he was crazy. I had also started to think my own sanity was questionable. One morning after a nasty argument, the narc stormed … Continue reading Quora Answers: The Malicious Narcissist

Narcissistic Victim Syndrome And CPTSD

Quora Answers: Is There A Formal Test/Assessment Procedure For Narcissistic Victim Syndrome? When I began to heal after ending my 18-year marriage to a Malignant Narcissist, I sought help from a psychiatrist for my son and myself. The doctor talked to us at length, both together and separately. He explained that Narcissistic Abuse Syndrome isn’t recognized as an official diagnosis. It is, however, a very real condition that is often accompanied by complex PTSD, which is a recognized diagnosis. I had heard of PTSD, of course, but I knew nothing about CPTSD. The difference is that PTSD is generally associated … Continue reading Narcissistic Victim Syndrome And CPTSD

Quora Answers: What Are The Long-Term Effects Of Narcissistic Abuse?

Long-term exposure to Narcissistic Abuse can wreak havoc on victims long after leaving their abusers. Along with the devastating effects of PTSD and C-PTSD, survivors are left with permanent changes to their brains. In other words, repeated emotional trauma, over … Continue reading Quora Answers: What Are The Long-Term Effects Of Narcissistic Abuse?