Quora Answers: The Narcissistic Landlord

What Are The Red Flags Of A Narcissistic Landlord? Narcissistic landlords will invade your privacy at will. This includes entering your living quarters without your knowledge or consent. Although this is illegal, the narc sees absolutely nothing wrong with it. He’ll also have no qualms about pilfering your belongings if he fancies something for himself. As is true of all Narcissists, smear campaigns and senseless gossip will be a regular occurrence. He’ll entertain himself by creating drama and chaos for unsuspecting neighbors who would otherwise co-exist peacefully. These landlords will be unlikely to properly maintain the rental units, and may … Continue reading Quora Answers: The Narcissistic Landlord

Quora Answers: Narcissists And Supply Sources

How Will A Narcissist Act Around His Former Supply After Being Discarded By His Latest Supply? A Narcissist has a revolving door in his harem, so sources of supply come and go. At any given time, he’ll have a multitude of choices at his disposal. There will always be former, current, and recently discarded sources who continue to ride the Narcissistic merry-go-round. For the most part, they won’t ever know about one another. How he acts around each one depends on who he’s mirroring at the time. If he’s hoovering a previous source, the narc will generally use the same … Continue reading Quora Answers: Narcissists And Supply Sources

Quora Answers: The Stalking Narcissist

Why Does My Malignant Narcissist Ex Still Stalk Me After I Dumped Him First? Because you dumped him first. Since life is a game to narcissists, everything is about winning and losing. More specifically, they must always be winning, while everyone else is losing. Narcissists go into relationships with the primary goal of discarding their partners first. They know from the beginning that the relationship won’t last. They intend to discard their partners in the most painful way possible. It’s a reward for all their efforts during the lovebombing stage. Discarding you means victory. His victory. His time to shine. … Continue reading Quora Answers: The Stalking Narcissist