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Protected: The Nurtured Narcissist

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Quora Answers: Explanation Of Covert, Overt, And Malignant Narcissists

Why Not Covert & Overt Narcissists? Why Covert & Malignant Instead? What’s The Difference Between Overt & Malignant? The terms “covert” and “overt” are describe the type of behavior patterns and narcissistic tendencies that someone …

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Quora Answers: Are Men Who Are Self-Absorbed Narcissists?

What Is A Narcissist? There are certain traits and characteristics known to narcissists that you should be aware of. Keep in mind that not all narcissists display all traits. But if you know a man …

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Quora Answers: Covert Narcissists And Religion

Does A Covert Narcissist Hide Behind Religion? If So, Does He Know What He’s Doing? A covert narcissist will definitely hide behind religion. And he definitely knows what he’s doing. One of the reasons it …

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Quora Answers: The Sexually Deviant Narcissist

Is Sexually Deviant Behavior Common Among People With Strong Narcissistic Traits? Yes, sexually deviant behavior is very common among people with strong narcissistic traits. This is a topic that comes up regularly among my female …

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Quora Answers: The Transitional Target

Could A Narcissist Idealize A New Target Without Actually Love-bombing Them? Love-bombing is just another term used to describe the idealization phase in a narcissistic relationship. All narcissistic relationships follow the same patterns and consist …

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