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Quora Answers: No Contact

What Is The Best Method To Deal With An Abusive Narcissistic Ex Who Won’t Let Go And Is Making Credible Threats? i.e. “I’ll destroy you,” “I’ll bankrupt you.” No Contact is pretty much your only choice. And I don’t mean simply ending all communication with the narcissist, though that’s definitely got to happen. I’m talking…

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Quora Answers: How Important Is No Contact With A Narcissist?

Is Your Narcissist Still Seeking Your Supply Or Causing You Problems? Was No Contact Effective In Your Situation? When I finally escaped from my 18-year marriage to a Malignant Narcissist, there was one strategy written in stone. I was to have absolutely no contact or communication with him, period. First and foremost, I had to…

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Is It Okay To Stay In Contact With A Narcissist Just To Know What They’re Thinking, As Long As You Know What They’re About?

It’s a really bad idea to stay in contact with a narcissist, period. And as far as wanting to know what they’re thinking, that’s not a realistic option, either. You’ll never know what a narcissist is thinking. Because they’ll never tell you the truth. You’ll be lied to and manipulated without even realizing what’s happening….

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What Is The Chance The Narcissistic Ex Will Move On After Being Released From Jail?

If the past predicts the future, the likelihood of my Malignant Narcissist ex moving on after being released from jail is slim to none. Of course, the circumstances in my case may be different from yours. For one thing, he blames me for his most recent incarceration. I pressed charges against him after he cracked…

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Why Am I Suddenly Depressed Even Though It’s Been 3 Months Since I Went No Contact From My Narcissist Ex?

Most survivors agree that it takes an average of 12–18 months after the end of a psychopathic, or narcissistic, relationship to begin to feel normal. Even after that length of time, there may be days when a survivor feels depressed or sad without fully understanding why. There are many reasons why this happens. A lot…