Quora Answers: Narcissists

Will A Narcissist Cry When You Had A Miscarriage? They will if they have an audience. A narcissist always wants to be the center of attention. And they use every opportunity possible to show people how loving and caring they are. But the minute nobody else is watching, they’ll attack you with the cruelest words you’ve ever heard. They’ll blame you for the miscarriage. And say things that feel like a bullet piercing your heart. The first narcissist I married was a Covert Somatic ass. When I was 7 1/2 months pregnant with our daughter, I had a placental abruption. … Continue reading Quora Answers: Narcissists

Quora Answers: Narcissistic Behaviors

   Why Do Narcissists Constantly Talk About Their Exes? The reason a narcissist constantly talks about their exes is because they are choreographing your present and future behavior. A narcissist conditions his sources in various ways by using his or her ex as an example of what not to do. They use indirect persuasion by seeming to flatter their target with words like: “My ex used to get so jealous of my guy friends. I’m so glad you aren’t like that.” “My ex didn’t like for me to go anywhere with my friends, not even hunting. But you know how … Continue reading Quora Answers: Narcissistic Behaviors

Quora Answers: Devaluation

Does A Narcissist Enjoy When They Start To Devalue A Partner Because It Makes Them Feel Less Vulnerable? Absolutely. A narcissist definitely enjoys devaluing their partner. Whether it’s because it makes them feel less vulnerable or simply because they’re sadistic assholes depends on their mood at the time, I suppose. They had to work during the lovebombing stage. The devaluation is when they get to have fun. Almost everything a narcissist does is to make them feel less vulnerable. It’s ingrained in their subconscious. It’s why they lie about who they are, how they truly feel, and everything else that … Continue reading Quora Answers: Devaluation

Quora Answers: Narcissists

What Is The Narcissist Telling His Other Person(s) About The Woman He’s Living With? He’s telling her that his primary partner is crazy. And obsessed with him. He’s also telling her that she cheated on him mercilessly. And probably that she’s on drugs, is a bad mother, and an overall horrible person. A narcissist tells new sources of supply the worst possible things about his primary partner in order to achieve a couple of goals. For one thing, it gives him a chance to play the victim, one of his favorite pastimes. Another reason is to choreograph the behavior of … Continue reading Quora Answers: Narcissists

Quora Answers: Narcissists

Will A Narcissist Ever Change? I’m assuming the question is referring to the possibility that a narcissist may change for the better. In my experience, the answer is no. Narcissists don’t change for the better. Ever. I have read that a narcissist can change. But I’ve never actually seen it happen. For the sake of accuracy, I should point out that psychologists say a narcissist can change. Under certain circumstances. It’s a rare thing, though . Very rare. But . . . . . if a narcissist becomes self-aware, Actively seeks help because he wants to change, And then spends … Continue reading Quora Answers: Narcissists

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How Can I Tell If My 3X Combat Veteran Husband Is A Narcissist, Or If His Actions Are Symptoms Of His PTSD?

There are some common traits that are specific to Narcissists. Once you know what to look for, it’s much easier to differentiate between someone with a personality disorder and someone who’s suffering as a result of trauma. Narcissists don’t feel empathy or love, although they fake it pretty well. They will never take responsibility for their actions, regardless of whether they hurt someone or not. And they’re never wrong. Even if you catch them in the act of doing something wrong, they’ll completely deny it. Then they’ll turn the tables and blame you for the very thing you caught them … Continue reading How Can I Tell If My 3X Combat Veteran Husband Is A Narcissist, Or If His Actions Are Symptoms Of His PTSD?

Quora Answers: Narcissistic Relationships

Could A Narcissist Idealize A New Potential Supply Without Actually Love-bombing Them? Love-bombing is just another term used to describe the idealization phase in a narcissistic relationship. All narcissistic relationships follow the same patterns and consist of the idealization phase, devaluation, and discard. Many people are unaware that narcissists sometimes shorten these stages. When they’re involved with what is considered a transitional target, the source is subjected to a much shorter and less intense idealization phase. The victim will not be aware that the relationship is going to be a very short one. The narcissist, however, knows from the beginning. … Continue reading Quora Answers: Narcissistic Relationships