Did Your Narcissist Offer Any Emotional Support When Your Loved One Was Dying?

My Mom, Debbie Prince

When my mom was dying, the Malignant Narcissist I was married to prevented me from going to her.

My dad was out of town and called me to ask that I go check on her. He had been trying to call her, but didn’t get an answer.

At the time, my oldest son was living with my parents. Dad called my son, who went downstairs to check on her.

He was unable to wake her up, and was panicking.

Dad was obviously terrified himself, so I immediately reached for my car keys.

The Narcissist grabbed them before I could, and refused to give them to me.

Being twice my size, he knew I had no chance of physically being able to take them from him. I begged, pleaded, fought, and screamed, to no avail.

After what seemed like hours, he finally gave me my keys. The 7-minute drive to my parents’ house also seemed like hours.

By the time I got there, Mom wasn’t breathing.

My son had called for an ambulance, but it hadn’t arrived yet.

I performed CPR, and amazingly, Mom took a breath. At that time, the EMT’s came in and took her to the hospital.

She was on life support for one week, before she passed away.

Before the funeral, my ex suddenly started acting like he was grieving and claimed that he had loved her and was devastated by her death.

Everything became about him.

To keep my family from being subjected to his drama, I refused to tell him when the funeral was being held.

My dad hired an off-duty police officer to keep the narc away.

We were at least able to bury Mom without the narcissist having a chance to cause anymore chaos and pain.

Thankfully, the narc and I are divorced now. But I’ll always wonder what would have happened if I had gotten there sooner.

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