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Do Narcissists Enjoy Torturing You Or Do They Really Just Not Care If They Do?

Narcissists really enjoy torturing their victims. It’s not that they don’t care if they do.

They actually want to.

That’s the reason for the mind-fucking games like triangulation and sabotage. They set out to cause as much pain and confusion as possible because it makes them feel powerful.

They think that if they hurt you, it means they are important. Narcissists are sadistic, which is why they derive pleasure from your pain.

What is important to understand is that the nice person they were in the beginning was an act.

They feel nothing but contempt for their victims and look forward to the time when lovebombing stops and devaluation begins.

The mean-sweet cycles are meant to cause you to believe there’s hope.

But in actuality, there never was.

They intended all along to make you doubt your own sanity. That way, when they discard you, they can blame you for the relationship failing.

Because you were crazy.

Don’t mistake simple insensitivity for their sadistic cruelty.

Know that they cause you pain because they want to.

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