I Know How Murder Victims Feel Before They Die

I can still hear the excitement in my husband’s voice, telling me his plans for that day. The day I found out how murder victims feel before they die. A gun holstered on his hip, he held up the large machete he’d hand-crafted just for me. Or more specifically, for my death. I was on

How Do I Know If My Husband Is A Narcissist?

My husband has all the signs of being a Narcissist, but is caring to our son. Could it be something else? What kind of therapist should we go to? Originally Answered On Quora. If your husband is a Narcissist, your son is probably the golden child. I’m basing my answer on that being the case.

What You Need To Know About Narcissists And Supply

What is narcissistic supply? People who suffer from Narcissistic Personality Disorder (NPD) have a pathological need for acknowledgment, praise, and constant attention. It’s referred to as narcissistic supply, or fuel. At first glance, that doesn’t sound so bad, right? After all, humans are social creatures. So, what’s the big deal about narcissists wanting a little

Narcissists Know How to Punish Victims Without Saying a Word

Do you know why he did what he did to you? Because he could. —Karishma Magvani The silent treatment is a form of covert abuse that tortures you with your own thoughts. Also called ghosting, narcissists disappear without warning, remaining incommunicado for days, weeks, or even months. They won’t answer your calls or respond to


The reason a narcissist constantly talks about their exes is because they are choreographing your present and future behavior. A narcissist conditions his sources in various ways by using his or her ex as an example of what not to do. They use indirect persuasion by seeming to flatter their target with words like: “My

What You Need to Know About Violent Narcissists

Narcissists don’t have to be enraged to become violent, although anger is often why they resort to physical abuse. My ex-husband is a Malignant Narcissist who didn’t need a reason to plow his fist into my head. He just did it whenever the urge struck. That’s not to say all narcissists are violent, but those

Why Narcissists Discard You but Call to Profess Their Love

After narcissists discard a victim, they frequently return, professing their love. It’s called hoovering, and it’s all about control. They want to suck you back into the cycle of abuse and prove they still have power over you. Most people don’t know their partner was a narcissist the first time they’re discarded. You know something

How Narcissists Make You Doubt Your Sanity

Narcissists Want To Make You Feel Crazy. Narcissists do some pretty insane things to make you doubt your sanity. They want to be the one to push you off the edge, so they try to destabilize you by altering your reality. It’s a way to pass their own negative feelings on to you. For people