In a way that is sure to inflict maximum damage to their partners.

Let me offer a scenario:

Things have been going surprisingly well between you and the Narc. You spent all afternoon in bed together, and he was constantly telling you how much he loves you.

Not only that, but it was almost like it used to be. He made you feel his love for you by looking deep into your eyes and kissing you softly.

You didn’t just have sex. You made love, and it was absolutely wonderful!

You’re so happy you just can’t stop smiling. You can’t stop looking at him, touching him, adoring him. Loving him so much.

You sense him staring at you, so you look over to see a very odd expression on his face. He’s got an almost maniacal look in his eyes, and the creepiest smile you’ve ever seen.

Chills run through your body and you barely recognize the man beside you.

When he offers to go pick up something to eat, you quickly agree because you really need a few minutes to yourself. Before he leaves though, he hugs you for a long moment; and things feel ok again.

You tell yourself that your imagination has run amok, and you relax a little. You even start to feel guilty for doubting him.

You relive the magic in your mind while you wait for him to return, lazily drifting off to sleep.

When you wake up, you’re shocked that you had been asleep for three hours. Where was the Narc?

You search the house, but he is nowhere to be found. You look outside. His car isn’t in the driveway.


In a near-panic, you grab your phone and call him. No answer. You text him and pray for a quick response.

But you don’t get a quick response. You don’t get any response.

You continue to call his phone throughout the night, to no avail. You start calling everybody who might have any idea where he is. Nobody answers your calls. Nobody responds to your texts.

At first, you’re in shock. You don’t know what to think. On one hand, you feel like you’ll die if you don’t find out something. On the other, you’re scared to find out.

What if he was in a car wreck? So you call the hospitals to see if he’s been admitted. Nothing.

You start to think about the times he would disappear after a fight. And when he said he would be home from hunting after daylight; but it was after daylight two days later before he actually showed up.

Memories come flooding back. So many times you knew he was lying, but you let him get away with it.

A sick feeling floods through you. The truth starts to painfully reveal itself.


And he doesn’t. He seems to have disappeared off the face of the earth. You never get a single message from him. Not one phone call.

Then a few days later you get a phone call from a Flying Monkey, telling you he saw a picture of the narc and another woman on Facebook announcing they are in a relationship together.

Maximum amount of damage inflicted.

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