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Nine Disgusting Things Narcissistic Landlords Do To Tenants

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Is Your Landlord A Narcissist?

We’ve all heard stories about hard-nosed landlords making tenants’ lives miserable. Sure, those guys are assholes. But what if your landlord was a Narcissist?

Narcissists crave inordinate amounts of attention, adulation, and adoration, also called Narcissistic Supply. They want so much of it, in fact, that they use specific manipulation tactics to be sure they get enough.

For Narcissistic landlords, rental properties are playgrounds. And tenants are all potential sources of supply.

Has this ever happened to you?

You finally found a great little house to rent after searching high and low for months. It’s in a good location, has a big backyard, and there’s even a swing set for the kids.

You move in with high hopes, feeling thankful to have a hands-on landlord. He even stopped by a few times the first week, just to make sure everything was okay.

The second week, the landlord checks on you almost daily and drives by your house regularly. The third week, his unannounced visits become downright annoying.

Things go downhill fast.

Your toilet overflows, the dishwasher goes kaput, and the roof starts leaking. You remind the landlord about the needed repairs each time he pops in. He assures you the repairmen are coming, but so far, nothing’s been fixed.

The day he comes by to collect rent, you seethe inside. You’re still using the kids’ toilet, the dishwasher is useless, and there are water buckets all over the living room.

Once again, you remind the landlord. But he keeps talking as if he doesn’t hear you. He just rambles on with his poor-me story.

Then, it occurs to you. All he ever talks about is himself. Besides making promises he doesn’t keep, of course.

Narcissistic landlords make your life miserable.

Your neighbors start giving you strange looks, and you sense them talking about you behind your back. They probably are, thanks to the landlord’s nasty smear campaign.

You come home from work and notice your belongings have been pilfered. Getting anything repaired requires an Act of Congress. Your narcissistic landlord isn’t just driving by regularly. He’s stalking you.

So, your landlord is a Narcissist. Now what?

If your landlord is a Narcissist, things aren’t likely to improve. In fact, they’ll probably get a lot worse. At least, that’s what happened to me.
And if I could do it over, I’d cut my losses, sooner rather than later.

Hoping the situation would get better, and trying to be nice, only prolonged my misery. It’s been my experience that Narcissists don’t change. They just get meaner and more resentful.

disgusting things narcissistic landlords do to tenants

1. Narcissistic Landlords Invade Your Privacy.

While you‘re away, they enter your home, pilfer your belongings, dig through your trash, and read your mail.

2. They Start Smear Campaigns.

Narcissistic landlords start rumors and spread lies to create drama for tenants and their unsuspecting neighbors who would otherwise co-exist peacefully.

3. They Neglect Routine Maintenance and Don’t Make Necessary Repairs.

If your A/C goes out during the dog-days of summer, good luck getting it fixed. Unless, of course, you want to pay for it . . .

4. They Manipulate Tenants Into Paying For Repairs Themselves.

They swear to reimburse the costs, or deduct them from the rent. 
This never happens, of course. If confronted, the narcissistic landlord will deny ever making the agreement.

5. They Monitor Your Arrivals, Departures, and Visitor’s Habits.

If they can instigate a bit of turmoil with this information, even better. Otherwise, they’ll just make something up.

6. Narcissistic Landlords Damage Their Rental Properties For Insurance Money.

A couple I know lost everything, after an arson fire destroyed their duplex. Even worse, they were considered suspects and subjected to a lengthy criminal investigation. 

*The landlord had an abnormally high occurrence of similar fires, though he was never charged with a crime.

7. They’re Voyeuristic Parasites.

Watch out for hidden cameras and/or recording devices. Narcissistic Landlords love to spy on your private and most intimate moments.

8. Narcissistic Landlords Prey On Vulnerable Tenants And Harass Them Mercilessly.

Narcissists are predators, and they can smell vulnerabilities from a mile away. When they find a tenant’s weak spot, they exploit it without mercy.

9. They Sexually Harass Tenants.

You don’t have to be a single mother for a Narcissistic Landlord to sexually harass you. Anybody is a target in the minds of these predators.

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