OK, That’s A Lie

The Difficulties Of Parenthood

Nobody ever said being a parent is easy. I seem to have a special gift for making it even more difficult, though. I don’t really do it intentionally, but I do it pretty regularly.

Like now, for instance. I’m pretending to look for Colton’s chocolate candy, a big fat Hershey bar with almonds. Since I’m the one who ate it, I know we aren’t going to find it.

Normally I’d just run to the store, grab him a replacement, and be done with it. (I guess it goes without saying this isn’t the first time I’ve been guilty of stealing his candy.)

Anyway, to my surprise, he woke up earlier than usual, before I could carry out my sneaky little plan. And that’s why I’m now in the uncomfortable position of looking for something that doesn’t exist.

Seeing how I’m the parent, I could just tell him the truth. And I would . . . . .

If I hadn’t made such an ass of myself yesterday when he ate all the Froot Loops!! 😂🤪

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  1. This has me cracking up; ha ha… Ya, I used to eat my kids Halloween Candy while they were at school and then have to go out and buy them all new candy. I know I told you this on IG, but I thought the whole world should know how deprived my kids were cuz I kept stealing their Halloween candy. But, heck, if you can’t steal it from your own kids, where else ya gonna go? I thought that’s why we had kids…

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