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Should You Ever Make Contact With The New Supply When Your Narcissist Ex Is Still Trying To Make Contact?

I don’t recommend it for a couple of reasons, based on my own experience. When I first started dating my now-ex-husband, the wife he was divorcing tried to warn me about him. Since he had already convinced me that she was crazy, I didn’t believe her.

I also told him everything she said, which gave him sadistic pleasure and made him feel powerful. This is one of the ways a narcissist triangulates victims.

Years later, and with the benefit of hindsight, I realized that what she tried to tell me was the absolute truth. Had I believed her and heeded her advice, I could’ve spared myself years of misery. But I was being heavily lovebombed back then, and trusted him completely.

Since narcissists follow the same patterns, the new source will likely have the same mindset as the previous victims. If you try to warn her, she won’t believe you, so you wasted your energy and time, which would be better spent on healing your own wounds.

The other reason I don’t recommend contacting the new supply is because it will trigger jealousy and unsettling emotions in your already battered spirit. You don’t need to add to the pain you’re already experiencing.

This may sound somewhat cold, but don’t worry about what anyone else is going through. You have enough to deal with already.

It’s not selfish; it’s self-preservation.

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