Quora Answers: Childhood Sexual Abuse

How Can You Identify A Child Who Is Being Sexually Abused?

A child who is being sexually abused may suddenly stop taking showers or baths.

Even if they always loved it before.

The child may not want to change clothes, either.

Because he (or she) doesn’t want to see his own naked body.

Or be seen.

The child who used to play with certain toys, or who had hobbies and interests he enjoyed may suddenly change his habits.

A child who is being sexually abused may become withdrawn from friends and loved ones.

Depression and despondency are common.

The child who previously did well in school may suddenly have failing grades.

Where he used to be afraid of the dark, now he wants to keep his room as dark as possible.

A change in eating habits and appetite are also common.

So is a change in bathroom habits.

A child who was once easygoing may become argumentative and defensive.

His conduct at school may suffer.

There are obviously other symptoms of sexual abuse.

But these are some behaviors that I witnessed personally.

I pray you see no similarities.

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