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Are INFJ’s Emotionally Expressive?

Sometimes too much!!

As I write this, I’m feeling guilty for going overboard with expressing negative emotions to my fiance.

I was pissed off at the world, and at myself, but I took it out on him.

I expressed things I now regret, and will probably be eating crow for a while.

Fortunately, I’m not always like that.

When I’m happy, I can be very loving and express my emotions in a positive way, which I much prefer.

There are times, too, that I will completely disconnect from my emotions in order to see things from a logical point of view.

When I do this, I’m aware that I can seem cold and unfeeling.

But if I don’t do it occasionally, I’m unable to think clearly and rationally.

Because I feel things so deeply, I sometimes don’t see the big picture.

So to answer the question, yes. INFJ’S can be very emotionally expressive.

At least this one can.

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