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What Is Going Through The Mind Of A Narcissist When In Full Meltdown Rage?

During my 18-year marriage to a Malignant Narcissist, I was the target of that terrifying rage on more than one occasion.

My ex had what I know now to be Rages-On-Demand when it suited him.

That was scary enough.

But the True Rage?

The rage that makes a narcissist not think about consequences?

That was like facing off with Satan.

What was going through the mind of the narcissist?

I’m going to fucking kill that bitch!!

That stupid cunt thinks it’s okay to disrespect Me!!

Bitch, you better make your peace with God!! Cause you’re going to die today!!

(Holding Large Machete)

See this? This is what I’m going to use to cut your body up with.

After I kill you.

Because I am going to kill you!!

You Dumbfuckingstupidcunt!!

I took care of you!!

I did everything for you!!

I never put my dick in another pussy since we got together!!I

And you’re going to treat me like I’m nobody?

Bitch I’m your daddy!!

I’m your god!!

I own you!! I tell you what to do!!

I control you!!”

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Repeat Again. Until the devil’s anger subsides.

Or he kills you.

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