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What Are Some Tricks Performed By Narcissists That People Don’t Know?

There are so many tricks performed by narcissists that people don’t know. It’s hard to narrow it down to fit into one post.

Narcissists love to use covert abuse to cause victims to question their own sanity.

The ways in which narcissists use sabotage are so incomprehensible that victims are hesitant to tell people.

For one thing, it’s hard for us to believe it. And it happened to us.

Trying to explain it is even harder.

I won’t go into the Narcissist’s motives for doing the shit they do.

Truth is, I only know it was to cause me as much pain, suffering, and detriment as possible.

My Malignant Narcissist ex-husband had a nasty habit of destroying my iPhones, iPads, and computers when he was in a rage.

At the time I thought he was reacting violently on the spur-of-the-moment.

Little did I know that he was intentionally causing major conflict.

So that when he destroyed a device intentionally, I would blame it on his “Anger Management Problem.”

It seemed like every time he did that insane shit, shattered screen glass went everywhere.

He never cleaned it up himself. And I always got multiple cuts from glass slivers when I picked it up.

I began to have shards of glass go through my shoes when walking through the house.

Even after I had cleaned up all signs of it.

The sorry bastard was saving broken screen glass. And then making sure to put it where I would step on it.

Multiple times.

One night a large chunk of glass got stuck in my foot. My loving husband offered to get it out for me.

He acted so nice and concerned,trying to be helpful.

I never saw what was coming.

He was using a needle and a pair of tweezers. But instead of extracting the piece, he shoved it into my foot even deeper.

Then he smiled at me, innocently. And said he was so sorry.

His hand must have accidentally slipped.

Things went from bad to worse. And the gaslighting intensified.

Glasses and plates started to disappear. But most of the time, he hid the fact that he was breaking things.

So I wouldn’t be expecting to step on glass.

I began to avoid walking barefoot through the house. And was always careful to wear thick-soled shoes.

Until he started putting glass shards and fragments directly under the insoles of my shoes.

Then my shoes started to disappear.

Only to reappear days later.

That’s when I started to question my own sanity.

Which is exactly what he wanted.

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