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What’s The Deal With Narcissist Husbands Who Are Addicted To Sex? How Soon Into A Relationship Do They Begin To Cheat? And Why Do They Bother Getting Married?

Narcissist husbands were cheating long before they said “I do.”

Narcissists always have multiple sources they use to gain “fuel” or “supply.”

Marriage doesn’t change that fact.

Narcissistic supply comes in the form of attention, adulation, and admiration from outside sources.

Contrary to what most people think, it doesn’t matter what gender the source is.

What matters is the quality of fuel that the source provides.

Narcs are completely indiscriminate when it comes to extracting fuel.

A source is a source.

Age doesn’t matter. Race doesn’t matter.

And gender certainly doesn’t matter.

Doesn’t matter if it’s family. Doesn’t matter if it’s not.

A narcissist may have sex with all of them.

It’s not because he’s a sex addict.

It’s because he’s addicted to narcissistic supply.

He just uses sex as a tool for extraction purposes.

As a means to obtain the precious fuel that narcissists require.

They have various reasons for getting married.

Though none of them are due to good traditional values.

They certainly don’t get married because they intend to remain monogamous.

A spouse is a consistent source of narcissistic supply.

Usually the primary source.

And just like in my case, she ends up being the primary breadwinner.

Because working is for common people.

In his disordered mind, the narcissist is superior.

And therefore entitled.

To whatever his little black heart desires.

Without the complication of having to work for it.

Which gives him plenty of time to obtain narcissistic supply.

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