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Will A Narcissist Ever Change?

I’m assuming the question is referring to the possibility that a narcissist may change for the better.

In my experience, the answer is no.

Narcissists don’t change for the better.


I have read that a narcissist can change.

But I’ve never actually seen it happen.

For the sake of accuracy, I should point out that psychologists say a narcissist can change.

Under certain circumstances.

It’s a rare thing, though .

Very rare.

But . . . . . if a narcissist becomes self-aware,

Actively seeks help because he wants to change,

And then spends the rest of his life facilitating the necessary changes,

Then maybe . . . .

But since most narcissists never find any fault within themselves.

Most never seek treatment.

So with very few exceptions, a narcissist does not change for the better.

They do, however, get worse.

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