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What Is The Narcissist Telling His Other Person(s) About The Woman He’s Living With?

He’s telling her that his primary partner is crazy.

And obsessed with him.

He’s also telling her that she cheated on him mercilessly.

And probably that she’s on drugs, is a bad mother, and an overall horrible person.

A narcissist tells new sources of supply the worst possible things about his primary partner in order to achieve a couple of goals.

For one thing, it gives him a chance to play the victim, one of his favorite pastimes.

Another reason is to choreograph the behavior of the newest supply.

By complaining about his primary partner, he is telling the latest conquest how not to act.

He’s letting her know what he doesn’t like in a partner.

And because she doesn’t want him to cheat on her, too, like he’s doing to his primary partner, she’ll make it a point not to exhibit the same behaviors.

This is called grooming.

And narcissists do it with every victim.

It’s all part of their brainwashing and manipulation techniques.

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