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Does A Narcissist Have Fleeting Moments Where He Has A Fond Memory Of A Former Partner, And Really Misses Her?

A narcissist may have a fond memory from being with a former partner.

But it’s not because they truly miss or cared about the person.

The sentiment they feel is more along the lines of how normal people remember a childhood toy or favorite TV show.

Since narcissists profess to love their partners.

And since they’re such good liars, they’re able to convince us that they actually do have emotions.

They’ve been faking it their whole lives.

So they’re really convincing at times.

When they want to be, anyway.

At one time, I would’ve bet every dollar I had that my Malignant Narc ex-husband had loved me.

That he felt some kind of attachment to me.

Even though he was horribly abusive.

The mean-sweet cycles obviously kept me confused.

We were married for 18 years.

It was inconceivable to me that he felt no attachment to me whatsoever.

Not after all those years.

But I was wrong.

Eventually I was able to accept the fact that my entire marriage had been a sham.

It’s simply a cold, hard fact.

Narcissists see no more value in their partners than I see in a bag of nails.

I’ll use a nail when I need one.

But other than that, I never give that bag a passing thought.

It’s the same thing with narcissists and people.

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