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Can You Leave A Narcissist Without Telling Them Anything?

You not only can leave a narcissist without telling them anything.

You absolutely must.

If you let a narcissist know you plan to leave him, you will be setting yourself up for failure.

You may think you’re strong enough to resist his manipulation tactics.

But you’re not.

He’ll be able to wear you down.

And once he’s manipulated you into staying, you’ll end up paying dearly for daring to consider leaving him.

If you intend to leave a narcissist for good, your only chance of being successful is to just leave.

And go completely No Contact.

Without ever letting him know a thing.

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0 thoughts on “Quora Answers: Narcissists

  1. Women, as well, are exceptional narcissists.

    In “literary terms”, they may be called “Femme Fatales”.

    Very attractive, and through that beauty, a man would not be able to penetrate it. Even if he could penetrate all else… a heart, a hymen, flesh with a gun… that beauty is harder than anything he’s imagined. And… he imagines it to be the greatest challenge to overcome.

    He enters through it, and become ensnared, by penetrating nothing.

    Like a fly that believes it can bulldoze through a web, it only becomes halted, and trapped.

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