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Quora Answers: Narcissists And Illicit Drugs

Has A Narcissist Ever Drugged You In Order To Use Your Fingerprint To Access Your Phone?

My Malignant Narcissist ex-husband drugged me on many occasions.

For many reasons.

And always without my knowledge.

One morning he cooked breakfast.

Which wasn’t unusual.

But he didn’t eat any of it.

Which was very unusual.

He just sat there and watched our son and me while we ate.

Within a short time my eyes began to get heavy and I started to feel very dizzy.

The same thing happened to my son.

We both quickly fell into a deep sleep.

And didn’t wake up for two days.

I vaguely remember trying to open my eyes.

But being too sleepy to keep them open.

I don’t know what all the narc did during those two days.

There was obvious evidence that other people had been in my home, though.

Another time, he gave me a glass of Kool-Aid to drink.

Which tasted very bitter.

Because there was nothing else in the house to drink at the time, I took several gulps.

I told myself he just didn’t add enough sugar.

I woke up in Intensive Care the following day.

And was informed that my husband had told the Emergency Room doctor that I had overdosed.

On methamphetamines.

A few weeks later, the toxicology report came back.

There had been enough of the drug in my system to kill two grown men.

Obviously, I’m lucky to be alive.

Those weren’t the only times he drugged me.

But they were by far the most serious.

I recall a few times that I woke up to a flashing light.

He was trying to get into my iPhone that used facial recognition software.

By taking a picture of my face.

He also drugged me repeatedly so he could sexually abuse me without resistance.

I don’t allow myself to think about what all he did to me those times.

I’m just grateful that I survived.

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