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Why Does The Covert Narcissistic Parent Allow The Golden Child To Abuse His Siblings?

Because he’s grooming the golden child to be just like himself.

Narcissists think they’re superior to everyone else. He thinks he’s doing the child a favor by teaching him to abuse and exploit others.

My ex-husband, a Malignant Narc, used to encourage our son to be abusive to me. He would tell him that stupid people like me needed to be hit to make us act right.

He also encouraged him to abuse my dog. He said the dog and I were on the same level mentally.

If the narcissistic parent is allowing the golden child to abuse the other siblings, there’s probably a lot more going on that you’re not aware of. Things that you would never imagine to be possible.

They don’t just stop at teaching them to abuse others. He may be teaching him his own sexual perversions, as well.

I’m only bringing this up to warn you. I certainly wish I had been warned. My ex forced our autistic son to watch torture porn, gay porn, and God knows what else.

He also sexually abused him.

When our son started calling his dad out on his lies and bad behaviors, he quickly went from golden child to mortal enemy. Narcissists don’t love their kids.

Not even the golden child.

In closing, I should mention that the golden child is doomed to either become a narcissist himself. Or to become a victim, unless you intervene.

At this point, you are the only hope that child has of escaping a lifetime of misery. Please step up and do whatever is necessary to save your child.

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    Never knew “flesh and ” blood ” we’re capable of such vile behaviour.notice I didn’t say “humans”

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