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What Are Some Of The Tactics Of A Covert Narcissist That Go Undetected?

Here’s one example:

You’re getting dressed for a Girl’s Night with an old friend you haven’t seen in years. Suddenly, the doorbell starts ringing nonstop. Irritated by the interruption, you open the door and the narcissist steps inside.

Giving no reason for the unexpected visit, he plops down on your sofa, picks up the remote control, and flips through the channels. Annoyed, you retreat to your bedroom to finish getting ready.

A few minutes later, the narc walks in your room. He tells you he’s leaving, and will be in an area with bad cell phone reception. Surprised and relieved, you wonder why he even came by since you weren’t planning to call him, anyway.

Then you realize you haven’t seen your phone in a while. As you look for your cell, you notice a stain on the new dress you bought for this night—a stain that wasn’t there earlier.

After failing to locate the phone inside the house, you wonder if you left it in the car. You go to grab your keys, but they’re not in the spot where you always hang them.

Now you have no phone, so you can’t call your friend, and you have no keys, so you can’t go anywhere. You’re pissed about the dress, but you have more to focus on now.

Now what? You still can’t make a call or go anywhere, and your only neighbor is out of town for a wedding. You’re stuck.

You spend the rest of the day fuming and tearing your house apart. You try desperately to find your phone and keys, but have no luck. You feel terrible about standing up your friend, and spend a restless night, tossing and turning in bed.

The next morning, the annoying sound of the doorbell ringing nonstop awakens you. Once again, the Narcissist is standing there, though he doesn’t try to come in this time. Instead, he smiles, holds out your phone and keys, and says he found them on the ground.

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