What Makes A Narcissist Keep Going Back To A Certain Ex?

alt= With time you’ll come to see that the frantic, broken , anxious , unhinged version of you was nothing to be ashamed of . You were simply a kindhearted person reacting to a very unkind situation .

Do Some Narcissists Recycle Their Exes?

Narcissists absolutely recycle exes, and the reasons vary. Sometimes it’s because the ex still has something monetary that the narc wants.

Sometimes it’s for sex.

A lot of times it’s because the narc is bored and wants to enjoy the sadistic pleasure he gets out of torturing his ex. The mind games that are so painful to victims are fun and games to narcissists.

Another reason a narcissist recycles an ex is to prove to his own ego that he still has power over his former partner.

Whatever the particular reason happens to be, it’s always a bad deal for the ex.

Although the ex will initially be hopeful that the narc is sincere, it will quickly become evident that his intentions were only to benefit himself.

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