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What’s It Like For An INFJ In A Long-Term Narcissistic Relationship?

It’s an emotional torture chamber that gradually destroys your spirit, erodes your confidence, and undermines all hope of escaping. In order to survive, you begin playing a mental chess game against the Narcissist who’s holding you captive.

The odds seem stacked against you. After all, you’re a Novice and he’s the Chess Master.

For a long time, he amuses himself by playing a cat-and-mouse game with you. His confidence soars every time he watches you cower in defeat.

But you’re an INFJ. So you watch him, and you learn to play his evil game.

It’s not what you want to do. It’s what you have to do to ever have a chance at reclaiming your life.

Being an INFJ is a double-edged sword. You hate yourself for getting trapped by the devil and becoming a victim. You want to know why the man you married became a monster.

You want to know how someone with a lower I.Q. was able to ensnare you and bleed you dry. You want answers. You need answers. You have to have answers because your inquisitive mind can’t stand not knowing.

So you waste a lot of time and energy searching for an explanation that you won’t find until after you’ve gotten out of hell.

You no longer allow yourself to feel your own emotions since that’s the equivalent of committing suicide of the soul. You mirror the narcissist in order to gain entrance into his twisted mind.

It’s a scary, dark place and evil runs rampant there.

You think like he thinks, and you realize something he’s known all along. Something you used to know, without a doubt.

You’re smarter. You’re stronger. You can beat him at his own game.

So that’s what you do. You plot a strategy that will enable you to escape, and then you execute your plan. And you finally manage to gain the freedom from hell that once seemed impossible.

What you don’t realize is that you’ll be trapped in purgatory for a while as you attempt to rebuild your life. Escaping from hell was only the first step in what will be a very long journey to happiness and normalcy.

But you’re an INFJ. So you figure out what you have to do. You plot a strategy, and then you execute your plan.

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