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Will A Narcissist Reconcile With The Best Supply He’s Ever Had After Discarding Her?

What I’m going to say will probably sound harsh, but it’s simply a fact of life with narcissists.

Every supply is the best to a narcissist while he’s with her!!

They tell each source that they’re the best. The only one they’ve ever loved.

Soulmate, best lover, most special, most beautiful, etc.

At least they do until the devaluation phase begins. Then the best source becomes the biggest piece of shit alive.

Later, to create confusion and keep you hanging on, they’ll remind you that you’re the best.

Only to scream at you five minutes later that you should do the world a favor and kill yourself.

The mean-sweet cycle is utterly confusing and painful to the victim, which is exactly what the narcissist intended.

One minute, you really believe it when they tell you you’re the best.

You hold on to that belief with everything you’ve got.

Because you need to believe it.

And since you’re the best, you put up with more shit than you ever thought possible.

To prove you’re the best!!

To prove you understand their anger problems.

Or abandonment issues.

And that you won’t leave them because they have those issues.

You’re there for the long haul. Through thick and thin.

As painful as it is to believe, they’ve trained all their victims to be this way.

Ergo, they’re all the best.

So will a Narcissist reconcile with the best supply after he’s discarded her?

Of course.

Narcissists are notorious for recycling exes.

Then discarding them again-in an even more brutal way than before.

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